Agent Comments

Excellent workshop! It gave us a great opportunity to find new education providers, expand existing relationships and share industry news. This workshop has already helped us to enroll 3 students for secondary and undergraduate programs.
Yulia Alimochkina, Litera Scripta Manet, Russia

I managed to meet some new schools that I like very much. Everything was perfect.
Tatyana A. Khromchenko, Takt & Partners, Russia
ICEF Moscow gave us a chance to expand the quality and quantity of our educational partners.
Kristina Kushnirova, Intellectual Education Abroad Consultancy, Russia

Thank you for this great event! It is my first ICEF Workshop and it was very helpful for our agency!

Patimat Magomedova, Instep, Russia

The amount of new contacts at this workshop was great. We hope that these contacts will be result in new applications in the future.

Yulia Ruzaikina, LLC ESCAPE, Russia
Many thanks for such a wonderful opportunity to meet with existing partners and create new ones. The workshop is also a good chance to share our experiences with colleagues from Russia.
Natalia Baranova, UniStudy, Russia

The ICEF Moscow Workshop is one of the most successful for us because there are lots of providers ready to cooperate in a variety of programmes.

Sofya Sazykina, PEI School of Foreign Languages Interlingua, Russia

ICEF Moscow gave us a wonderful opportunity to establish new contacts and get valuable insights of the benefits of different programmes.
Ekaterina Andreevna Galaktionova, Campus Consulting Agency, Russia

In my experience, attending ICEF workshops is the most effective method of finding good providers and gaining an understanding of the changes in this sector.
Inna Moiseyenko, European School – Kiev, Ukraine    

As a member of AREA, I would like to say thank you to the ICEF team from all of our Association members for very high level of cooperation and assistance for many years already. It is a pleasure to be at any ICEF workshop.

Grigory Ugarov, Open World Education Group, Russia