Pre & Post Activities

FAM Tour Guidelines

  • FAM tour organisers may determine all logistics, conditions and costs associated with their tour, including which workshop participants are accepted to join, and which are not.
  • ICEF will not get involved in the organisation of FAM tours, but simply ensure relevancy for workshop participants as well as an equal representation of tours to all delegates.
  • All delegates interested in attending FAM tours will be asked to make direct contact with the tour organiser. Organisers are responsible for confirming or declining acceptance directly with participants.
  • FAM tour organisers wishing to promote their tour through ICEF are required to submit a proposal. All proposals are subject to approval and acceptance by ICEF.
  • FAM tours may only be offered outside of workshop related activities and times.
  • Only organisations attending the workshop may meet and host other workshop participants. We do not wish to encourage non-registered institutions to access and benefit from meeting potential business partners that workshop registered organisations have paid to meet.