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FAM Tours & Receptions

Agent familiarisation (FAM) tours and receptions are excellent ways for you to gain exposure and promote your institution and / or association to workshop registered agents.

FAM tours allow you to take advantage of the large number of agents attending the workshop and attract them to visit your institution, campus and region. Effective FAM tours highlight a region and its various education options (universities, colleges, secondary schools, language schools) enabling the agent to increase their product knowledge and bring back first hand experience and information to potential students.

View the FAM Tour guidelines:

Receptions allow you to host agents in a memorable way while reinforcing your brand. Inviting the agents that you wish to target gives you the chance to make meaningful and focused connections in a relaxed and fun environment.

View the Reception guidelines:


Once your proposal has been confirmed by ICEF, we will promote your event to assist you in attracting the quantity and variety of agents desired.

Your FAM tour or reception will be listed in this section of the website along with your contact details, hyperlinks and / or promotional materials. ICEF will also promote your event to all attending agents once their registration has been approved, as well as in numerous follow-up communications prior to the workshop.

Please provide ICEF with a website hyperlink and / or a brochure / flyer / invitation (pdf format) containing the following information:

  • Name of activity
  • Host name and contact details
  • Details of the event including programme, location, date and time, inclusions such as food and transportation, invited target groups / individuals and maximum number of participants

Please note: Proposals received after September 14, 2015 will be listed on the website but will no longer be published in any other agent communications.

2015 FAM Tours and Receptions

To be posted 3 months before the workshop.

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