Sponsorship Packages

Platinum, gold and silver sponsorship packages allow workshop participants to gain maximum brand exposure at ICEF events.

With platinum, gold and silver sponsorship packages, participants benefit from a number of branding opportunities. Ranging from catalogue advertisements, to your logo on the workshop bags and appointment scheduling system, and presentations to participants, each package includes a number of options, with the platinum package providing the most comprehensive coverage.

Event Sponsorship Packages Platinum Gold Silver
Exhibition Booths - premium location (Berlin / ANZA / Miami Workshops) 9m²/12m²/12m² 6m² 4.5m²/6m²/6m²
Display Tables (excl. Berlin / ANZA / Miami Workshops) 2 1 1
Number of delegates (incl. eSchedule PRO account) 2 1 1
Accompanying person (no eSchedule PRO account) 2 1  
Recognition as Event Sponsor
        - Logo on ICEF website
        - Promotion in event emails
        - Logo on event catalogue covers
Bag insert (paper / USB / other)      
Full page advertisement in educator catalogue      
Full page advertisement in agent catalogue      
Literature Display Rack 2 1  
Presentation 5 - 7 pm (Berlin Workshop only) 50mins 50mins 25mins
Logo on bag      
Logo on eSchedule PRO      
Seats at VIP tables at Gala Dinner / Dance (ANZA Workshop only) 3 2 1
Presentation (ANZA only) 30 mins      
ICEF Monitor advert - Skyscraper 30K impressions    
ICEF Monitor advert - Rectangle   20K impressions 10K impressions
Sponsorship Package Prices Platinum Gold Silver
ICEF Berlin Workshop € 22 000 € 16 000 € 10 000
Other ICEF Workshops € 16 000 € 11 000 € 8 000
ICEF North American Workshops US$/CA$ 24 000 US$/CA$ 17 000 US$/CA$ 11 000
Australia / New Zealand Workshops AU$ 22 000 AU$ 14 000 AU$ 9 000
Notes: The ICEF Berlin Workshop - VAT at 19% may apply
The ICEF Australia New Zealand Agent Workshop - Add 10% GST (only when held in Australia)
Australian / New Zealand institutions may pay for all event bookings in AU$ / NZ$ at the prevailing exchange rate
North American institutions may pay for all event bookings in US$ / CA$ at the prevailing exchange rate

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