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Merchandise sponsorship

Print your logo on every workshop bag

Feature your logo on every bag and get maximum exposure during the event as well as long term visibility internationally. These high-quality bags are kept and used in locations where they are repeatedly seen and noticed by education travel professionals and students alike.


Bag insert

Insert your flyer into the educator, agent or both workshop bags, distributed at registration to every attendee.


Notepads (One sponsor only)

Place your company branded notepads on every workshop table. Sponsor the notepads in conjunction with workshop pens and double your impact.


Sponsor the workshop pens (One sponsor only)

Feature your logo and web address on the pens that will be placed on every workshop table and / or distributed in the workshop bags used by attendees throughout the event. This is an excellent way of giving your brand a high profile, not only during, but also after the workshop as pens are kept and used over time.


Feature your brand on all key cards / key card sleeves used by attendees at the workshop hotel

As workshop attendees check into the main workshop hotel, the first thing they will see is your company name and brand on the key card or sleeve containing their room key.


Print your visual identity on all neck cords (One sponsor only)

Sponsorship of the workshop badge neck cords puts your website in the eyes and minds of all attendees at all times during the workshop, creating powerful brand recognition.


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