About the US Agent Training Course (USATC)

ICEF's new US Agent Training Course (USATC) is designed for educational agencies committed to:

  • Operating according to the highest standards in providing guidance to international students planning to study in the US;
  • Working effectively and ethically within the framework of the American education and immigration systems.

The course involved extensive consultation with institutions and stakeholders in the US. An international advisory board comprising American associations, organizations, and government entities as well as agents from all around the world reviewed and gave input to the final course material. We thank all who assisted us in the interests of ensuring that agents have access to the most accurate and current information possible when they are advising students about US schools, programs, visa requirements, work regulations, and culture.

Agents who study the USATC and pass its exam will be demonstrating their dedication to professional and ethical conduct, and they will be in a better position from which to help international students make wise choices about study in the US – choices that will lead to fulfilling and successful experiences in American schools.

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