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What is the Canada Course?

The Canada Course for Education Agents was produced by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), in cooperation with the Canadian Consortium for International Education (CCIE) and ICEF. It is specifically for education agents counselling students from other countries wishing to study in Canada at any level (from elementary to post-graduate) and in any programme.

The course is available online and is delivered free of charge. Agents taking it can enjoy its self-paced format; they can study one section at a time and progress through the course as it suits them. Once they feel confident with the course material, they can take the Canada Course examination that is available online through the Canada Course website, at all ICEF workshops, and when advertised at related international education events. If agents complete the examination successfully, they will be identified by ICEF as a Canada Course Graduate on the ICEF website.

Why should agents take the Canada Course?

Canada is growing in its attractiveness as a study destination and is as such a natural area of focus for many agents. Part of the reason Canada is so popular is because of its commitment to standards within its education sector and its rigorous oversight of the stakeholders within it. Agents who wish to be successful in working with both Canadian education institutions and international students will find success when working with the most knowledge, depth of resources and with a commitment to excellence, a foundation of the systems of education in Canada. Completing the Canada Course is an important component of agents being viewed in a positive light by Canadian institutions and international students.

What recognition do agents receive upon passing the Canada Course examination?

Educational agencies with staff who have passed the Canada Course examination will have their names listed in the Canada Course Graduate section on the ICEF website. This does not mean they have authorisation, endorsement, or accreditation by the Canadian Government, but it does mean that students and institutions the world over will see which agents have made the commitment to taking the Canada Course and have thus acquired the knowledge and guidelines it delivers.

All education agents should be aware of Citizenship and Immigration Canada Bill C-35.

Which organisations has the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), cooperated with in delivering the Canada Course?

ICEF connects educators, education agents, work and travel professionals, and industry service providers to key markets and networks worldwide, supporting the growth and development of international education and global student mobility. Through ICEF’s various services, education institutions and agents achieve results and efficiencies in growing international student enrolments. ICEF also offers the IATC, the overall training course for international education agents.

Canadian Consortium for International Education (CCIE) includes the five leading national associations involved in international education. As sector representatives for universities, colleges, K-12, and language education, CCIE is committed to supporting a strategic, coordinated approach to the international marketing efforts of Canadian institutions and key stakeholders.

CCIE includes:

  • Languages Canada
  • Canadian Association of Public Schools International (CAPS-I)
  • Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE)
  • Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)
  • Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC)

What are the system requirements of the Canada Course?

An Internet-enabled and connected computer with an up-to-date web browser, Adobe Reader, and a Flash Player programme installed (we recommend using Adobe Flash Player).

Minimum system requirements:

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The Canada Course for Education Agents conveniently provided me with a lot of knowledge about Canada, including its education system and its different associations.  The course complemented my job perfectly and gave me more confidence. I know that now I am providing the  highest quality service to students interested in Canada. I thoroughly recommend this course to other agents.
Natalia Gutierrez, Estudia y Viaja, Spain

I loved participating in the Canada course.  We are sending students to Canada in August and the knowledge that I have about Canada after the course has been incredibly useful during the preparations.
Katherine d´Arbeloff, Daher Turismo, Brazil

As a native of Canada I took advantage of the Canada Course for Education Agents to gain a deeper understanding of the differences in the Canadian school system. The CCEA teaches us about Canada; the geography, the different cultures, and also helps us to thoroughly advise students and their parents. Even with my many years of experience with Canadian schools, the Canada Course for Education Agents was a valuable tool for my professional development.
Francoise Dallaire, Dallaire Schüler- und Kulturaustausch Agency, Germany

When you promote different study destinations as an agency, you lose too much time in finding information online, such as the education system, best practices, where to select schools, etc. And this has been the case for Canada, one of our top destinations! But when I studied the Canada Course for Education Agents I immediately passed these obstacles. It gave me the proper insights needed to offer a qualitative and professional service. I am glad I took this course and thank you ICEF for making it possible!
Adeila Makashi, ANDE-LM Ltd. Agency, Albania

The CCEA is a very informative programme for the Canadian student recruitment industry. I believe that this programme enhances our information about Canada overall and most importantly its education system. Although I have significant experience working with Canadian institutions, I learnt a number of new aspects about Canadian society, culture and education, which in addition to the information on the education system is very useful when advising students about Canada as a destination to study, live and learn. I recommend to all my colleagues to take advantage of the training resources offered by ICEF and to thus obtain professional information about advising students on education in Canada.
Arafat Shahid, HR Consultants, Pakistan

I can say that the course is a very good one and contains a lot of useful information. I learned many new things and I am sure that I will be using information from the course during my work.
Oksana Kushnirik, Global Dialog, Russia

I believe the CCEA course is a must for every student counselor:
Despite working for years with Canadian Institutions, many have now started asking for the CCEA qualification. Even with vast experience in the Canadian Industry, the CCEA provides extensive new information and details that are very beneficial.
The CCEA grants you competitive advantage over every other agent when it comes to the Canadian Acamemic Industry and pushes you to promote Canada even further, and better.

George Michael Farha, iMaster Intl Academic Consultancy, London

The CCEA offers effective and focussed guidance, and information for education agents, regardless if they are novices or experts. It educates and directs counsellors about the most important fields of questioning from prospective students heading to Canada.
Mohamed El Nagarm, EgyTEFL, Egypt

The CCEA provides perfectly detailed information about Canada, it's geography, economy, and also the benefits students will gain by studying in Canada. I enjoyed the course and it has provided me more confidence and additional knowledge about Canada. I would say every agent working with, or planning on working with Canadian educators should study this course.
Ram Dhakal, Maple International Education, Nepal

Despite of the fact that I have been working in the Canadian Education Industry since 2006 and therefore more familiar with the CCEA’s content, I came across a lot of new information  during the preparation for the exam. Canadian Institutions with whom we deal for agreements or partnerships have started asking for the CCEA and I must admit that I have been getting benefit from the certification.

Mustafa Aydin, International Group for Educational Consultancy (IGEC), USA