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ICEF Moscow - Educator Comment: Ronan Carolan, New College Manchester See here what one of the educators, Ronan Carolan from the New College Manchester, UK, had to say about the ICEF Moscow Event. Since 1991, ICEF has connected educators, education agents, work & travel professionals, and industry service providers to key markets and networks worldwide – supporting the growth and development of international education and global student mobility. ICEF offers a range of solutions designed to help our clients achieve real results in their marketing and student recruitment initiatives. For more information about ICEF and our services please visit http://www.icef.com/en/.
ICEF Moscow ICEF Moscow is the region’s most renowned international education networking event. Providing educators and service providers with the opportunity to meet the best agents from Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus, this event is a must attend for institutions seeking to increase international student enrolments from this important market. In addition to scheduled meetings and networking events, participants may also attend seminars covering a wide range of topics, including visa processing, student mobility trends and specific market intelligence. ICEF Moscow is the most efficient and effective way to meet and establish partnerships with quality student recruitment professionals. Learn more and apply here: https://www.icef.com/workshops/the-icef-moscow-workshop/
ICEF Moscow 2015 - Event Preview See the ICEF Moscow event preview.
ICEF Moscow 2015: Agent Comments See what some of the agents had to say about the ICEF Moscow Event 2015.
ICEF Moscow 2015: Educator Comments See what some of the educators said about the ICEF Moscow Event in 2015
ICEF Moscow Event 2015 Video Postcard Hello! This is a video postcard from ICEF Moscow Event 2015 for you. Please pass it along! From all of us at the event #ICEF15
ICEF Moscow Event 2013 - Venue The ICEF Moscow 2013 Event Preview.
Russia - Education Agent - Travelmart TM Star Travel Alexander Vislobokov, Head of International Education at Travelmart TM Star Travel saying that ICEF is very useful in terms of number and quality of education providers present
Ukraine - Education Agent - ASPEKT Olga Dvornyk from ASPEKT says that her productive meetings will deliver good results
Russia - Education Agent - Franz & Lefort Education and Consulting Nina Solomatina says that meeting education institutions at ICEF Workshops is like travelling to a new destination at each meeting, since it gives her insights into the institution's skills, location and country
Armenia - Education Agent - Elitar Travel Tamara Karakelyan from Yerevan based Elitar Travel says that she sees the world at ICEF
Russia - Education Agents - Interlogos Anastasia Belova of Interlogos, says that it is important to bring everyone under one roof.
Belarus - Education Agent - UNIVERS Volha Fokina say that ICEF networking opportunities are a good way to create business
Russia - Education Agents - CDC InterTraining Anna Stepanova of CDC InterTraining, explains how ICEF Workshops meet the needs of both agents and educators.
UK - Language Study - EAC Language Centres Andrew Fisher, Managing Director of EAC, talks about the networking opportunities at the ICEF Moscow Workshop.