Commentaires des éducateurs

As any ICEF workshop, this Roadshow was superbly organised! The agents had all been carefully selected and I was really impressed with their quality, knowledge and preparedness. I am convinced that this event will give us business from some new agencies. I truly enjoyed meeting great new people and re-connecting with long-term loyal agents and friends.
Brigitta Alkofer, Humboldt-Institut, Germany

This was another successful ICEF event! I met with good agents, who were knowledgeable about the courses and destinations they were interested in - No time wasters, just plenty of solid contacts.
Jonathan Quinn, Centre of English Language Studies, Ireland

The Mexico – Colombia Roadshow was very professionally organised! At the event I had a full schedule of agent meetings. Onsite many more agents stopped by to ask if I had any spare time to meet with them – they all were very interested in our programmes.
Catherine Smith, Northcote College, New Zealand

Thank you for organising such an amazing event! Mexico and Colombia have huge potential and great agents, who support their schools and students on a very professional level. I am looking forward to next year!
Almir Krupic, did deutsch-institut, Germany

I enjoy these ICEF events more than any other I attend. They are always very efficient and productive.
Don Steen, Lyndon Institute, USA

The roadshow was very well executed! I will come again next year! The agents were excellent!
Monèle Schrot, Louis Riel School Division, Canada

The Mexico – Colombia Roadshow was very useful. It was well organised with a good range of agent contacts.
Louis Borok, Westlake Boys' High School, New Zealand

Another excellently run ICEF event! I especially enjoyed the optional excursion in Mexico to the Church of the Lady of Guadalupe and the pyramids.
Clayton Smith, University of Windsor, Canada