Commentaires des agents

The ICEF staff was very knowledgeable and helpful! Overall, a very good event!
James Kim, JY HRD Consulting, South Korea

The ICEF Japan – Korea Roadhsow was very well organised and help me meet educators from all over the work. It was important for me to establish contacts internationally and the event has certainly helped me achieve this goal. I am very satisfied with the outcomes!
Sangoh (Kevin) Kwon, Ukak Channel, South Korea

The Educators at the Japan – Korea Roadhshow were very helpful and supportive. I establish many good contacts. Thank you for organising a good event.

Yuta Takahashi, United Continents International, Japan

I had fruitful meetings with our partner schools while I also meet many new schools at the Japan – Korea Roadshow. The event is not only a very good opportunity to meet educators but also a good chance to re-establish contact with other Japanese agents. Thank you very much for organising the event!
Toyoji Keiyama, BRCJP (NEWPLACE Co.Ltd), Japan