Comentarios de agentes

As always ICEF did a great job! The quality of ICEF Events cannot be compared. Overall, this was a very productive workshop and great opportunity to be connected to new schools.
Murat Karatas, Network Educational Services, Turkey

I had the opportunity to meet at least 20 exhibitors and educators today. This event has been much more fruitful than the lump sum of all years that we have spent emailing institution abroad.
Sanjeev Pandey, US Edu Consult, Nepal

This was the most valuable education event I have been to. Thank you for flawless organisation and for providing such a great opportunity for both agents and educators.         
Maria Repkina, The International Union of Youth, Czech Republic

ICEF Higher Education has been an excellent opportunity for us to expand our agency.
Khristian Rueda, YAICOS Ltd, Ireland

I personally had the chance to interact with many colleges and universities around the globe. It is a great platform for agents to build a bridge to international partners.
Rabi Kiran Dhakal, US Edu Consult, Nepal