Bosana - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Afterschool tuition and activities for orphans and at-risk youth

The Education Fund will support an afterschool education programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina helping up to 50 children, predominantly orphans, improve their grades and general education.

Currently, the unemployment rate in Bosnia is around 46% (Bosana, 2013). Employment opportunities are extremely hard to come by, especially for those with poor education. Bosnian orphans are among those living with tremendous obstacles to overcome. Unless they are given access to education and personal development programmes, these children will grow up without much hope of future employment.

This afterschool programme, run by American NGO Bosana, provides extra tuition and activities for orphans and at-risk youth to improve their performance at school, develop healthy habits and to enable them to make good life choices.

It is clear that the project is beginning to have a positive effect: "I love my after school programme! My teacher is my inspiration. I would like to know all about computers just like him" Said Amel K. of the Zenica Orphanage. In 2013, the Bosana Afterschool Programme will help at least 200 children in the cities of Zenica, Bihac, Tuzla and Mostar.

Bosana’s mission is clear; “We believe in cultivating better educated and equipped young people to become active and self-reliant citizens in a country where they would otherwise be a burden to society” said Bosana founder, Senita Slipac.

Supporting their amazing work, ICEF has contributed US$1500 to Bosana and encourages the education community to add their support to this project.

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