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We found the ICEF Latin America Workshop to be an excellent opportunity to learn more and to gain a better insight into the global education market, as well as to meet educators from all over the world. We had the chance to meet some of our current partners and also to get to know other excellent providers for future projects.
Patrícia Rodrigues Albarez, Study International, Brazil

This was an excellent workshop to meet our business partners at, and of course enjoy to some time with our friends from the industry.
Gustavo Viale, InterWay Educational Consultancy, Argentina

The event was very well organised, the food was great and the hotel was amazing. The level of the schools was also very good. All of them were accredited, had interesting programmes and nice people!
Fernanda Breder, World Study - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It was very useful to attend the ICEF Latin America Workshop. I gathered a lot of information that will improve my business.
Graciela Gatti, Children Institute, Argentina

This was one of my favourite workshops! It is possible to meet old friends from the trade and also learn about some new potential partners.
Maria Cristina Maenaka, Scala Mundi Viagens e Turismo, Brazil

This was my first ICEF event and it was a pleasure to be a part of this so-well-organised event.
Carolina Vergara, InterWay Educational Consultancy, Argentina

The quality of the participants, institutions and other market influencers was very good at ICEF Latin America.
Cristiane Pessuti, Melbourne Languages International, Brazil

The commitment of your staff to quality service is remarkable.
Carlos Caram Dallapiccola, WESBRASIL - São Paulo, Brazil

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