Travel Safe International

Training specialist tutors supporting students abroad

The ICEF Education Fund is pleased to announce their collaboration with Travel Safe International.

Travel Safe International is the educational and training division of the international charity Child-Safe. Founded in 2004, the focus of the charity is the personal safety, child protection, welfare, pastoral care and safeguarding of young people involved in educational, cultural or language trips abroad.

The well-being of students abroad is crucially important and impacts considerably on their learning and overall experience. “Safer environments create sanctuaries for effective learning and education, and the building of cultural awareness – this is the central objective of Travel Safe” said Dave Grimstead, Director of Child-Safe International.

Travel Safe aims to ensure that all students receive the best possible care and support whilst away from home. The charity’s work has been reported as being at the cutting edge of preventative efforts in supporting education-based initiatives within the global youth travel market.

The ICEF Education Fund’s donation of €7 000 will support the development of the Train the Trainer programme. This will enable Child-Safe to use the knowledge and vast experience of safeguarding experts to develop a network to provide support and vital resources for the youth travel sector.

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