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I learnt so much while preparing for my IATC exam and I hope I will be able to use this information when working with clients and educators. IATC gave me thorough overview on how to be an effective bridge between educators and students.
Haider Ali, Educational Leader, Saudi Arabia

I am glad to have the opportunity to be a certified ITAC, as it gives me a better understanding about the international market and how to deal with students in a more effective way. I would recommend the test to all agents and their staff members.
Mayssa Khomsi, Worldwide Studies, Tunisia

I have been involved in international education industry for 6 years and have gained lots of experience and knowledge in this particular field. I found out ITAC test to be up to date with relevant information from which agents could greatly benefit in dealing with different kind of situations of significant importance. I am very pleased that I had opportunity to take on a test and to become an ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor.
Aleksandr Feldmanas,, Lithuania

I think that the ICEF Agent Training Course is great! It has enabled me to provide the best possible counselling to my students, to deal with education institutions more effectively and to promote my agency.
Rajan Godar, Alight Group of Consultants, Nepal

The information in the IATC which I learned was very new and beneficial. I can now definitely say that I have a better understanding of educational counseling.
Mustafa Wshyar Abdullah, Rony Company, Iraq

I recommend the IATC, even for experienced counsellors. It is an excellent tool that helps to organize your knowledge properly and sometimes gives you fresh ideas on what else you can do to improve your service to the students. I also appreciate the training programme because of its strong emphasis on work ethics of educational counselling. This is a very important aspect of the cooperation between students and educational institutions.
Paulina Pietrzak, JPEdukacja - Jezyki Podroze Edukacja, Poland

We are trying to make our agency one of the most reputable worldwide. Hand by hand with ICEF, i am sure we will be top notch. My team is so excited about the fact that they became ITAC's. The IATC course was very useful for them to gain new skills, and to learn what being an academic student counselor is about. Hopefully by the end of 2013, we will have more than 10 student counselors accredited by ICEF.
George Michael Farha, iMaster, Lebanon

For those in the industry, the IATC Test is pretty self-explanatory as it reinforces the core values that we currently work under. The IATC Test has served as a tool to reassure institutions, seeking to be represented in Bolivia, that we are committed to our students and are above all ethical. We applaud the initiative and hope agents around the world will embrace not only the test itself, but also everything it represents.
Oscar Del Rio, Minerva Consultores Académicos, Bolivia

Before undertaking the ICEF Agent Training Course I had a very different outlook on how to be a successful agent. Studying the course immediately helped me to be more confident about what I was doing and what I should do next! ICEF has helped me to become a great agent, a better manager and additionally, a great motivation for our entire business. During the final IATC exam I went back through what I had learnt, and analyzed how I had used that in my work. I used those examples as my exam answers and successfully passed the test. It is now clear to me that thanks to the IATC I am on the right path for my clients.
Azimjon Khusanov, RIKS Education Centre, Uzbekistan

The ICEF Agents Training Course was an invaluable tool for me and our agency. The preparation for the test is an eye-opener for beginners and experienced agents alike. Personally, I was able to understand what international education is really about and the ITAC accreditation became a reference and an important marketing tool for our agency. Our aim at English Experience Intercâmbios is to encourage all our agents to become accredited ITACs , and consequently, better students counsellors.
Ivan Tagliaferro, English Experience, Brazil

I believe that it was comprehensive and detailed. I have received valuable knowledge from the course, and I am extremely pleased that I took the course. I feel that I am now better prepared and more knowledgeable in the areas that matter. Lastly, I am already seeing results. Within the first day of having my company’s profile on your website, I have already received several enquiries from different institutions.
Abbas Reda, iMaster, Lebanon

I think to say that ICEF Agent Training Course is very important for any student counsellor. It doesn't matter how experienced you are in this business, you are still learning new things in this comprehensive course. I already have certificates from UK Education and Australian Education. However, IATC is international course that works for any student counsellor sending students for any destination in the world! Thanks for ICEF!
Ayman Abdelhafez, Sindibad Education Consultancy, Saudi Arabia

The IATC exam helped me increase my knowledge about the field, improving my ability to counsel my students; the certification that I received confirms and promotes my expertise, experience, and authority – giving me greater confidence when dealing with students and schools.
Shadi Musallam, Bridge International for Academic Services, Jordan

After four years working as a study abroad co-ordinator, I feel quite experienced and confident promoting language courses abroad and working with our partner schools. When I got the opportunity to try the IATC course, I quickly realised it was really helpful and interesting, giving me new views. After I studied the whole course, I passed the test. Thank you!
Alena Aichlmanova, Channel Crossings s.r.o., Czech Republic

I really benefited from this course: I learned useful information about education systems in various countries; I also gained knowledge about the procedures and protocols followed by educational organisations around the world. This material will allow me to guide prospective students towards their goals successfully.
Tarek Moustafa Abdalla, EgyTEFL Organization, Egypt

The IATC Agent Training Course material was very thorough, covering so many important topics. The practice assessment tests were also very beneficial, as they give a good insight of the style of questions and structure of the formal exam.
Sara Abdulla, Al Mawred Education Services, Bahrain

I am very pleased to have studied for the exam. You get a very good overview of the business. And if in the future ICEF offered some more training courses, I would definitely consider them. Continuous training is important for competitiveness.
Pepa Ferrer Climent-Pallarés, Overseas Education Adviser, Spain

I am truly honoured that I could take the IATC test and become an ICEF trained agent. It means a lot to me personally, and also our company. Having this qualification will be extreemely beneficial
Yalda Ghobadi, Afkar Novin IRP, Iran

I am very pleased to have completed the IATC and with great results. I am sure that this success will reflect positively in my educational business.
Motaz Refaat, International Travel & Tourism, Qatar

The ICEF agent training program has introduced me to the heart of the field, broadened my perspective of international education and prepared me for better planning and better communication among agents and education providers.
Zohra Ghenname, Labib Tours, Algeria

It was a great experience to take the IATC test: this test covers almost every aspect of the educational agent profession; and the qualification it confers is recognised by most universities and colleges.
Mr Zahoor Elahi, Financial Training Institute (FTI), Pakistan

I found the materials of the training course extremely helpful as they gave me a different insight into other aspects of communication with partners and participants. Although we feel confident in the knowledge of the programs we promote, I am really happy I was able to pass the test successfully and it is a great asset to our company's quality. Thank you ICEF.
Daniela Medarska, Kontext Au Pair and Student Ltd, Macedonia

The IATC is an excellent tool that brings together our experience as agents and the theory associated with administration of studies abroad. The training has established a high standard work ethics for study counsellors. It explains and simplifies our duties and our rights regarding relationships with the educational institutions and legal factors around the world. I recommend this training to any agent – whether he/she is very experienced or not.
Shira Eisenberg, Campus Studies Ltd, Israel

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