Seva Mandir – India

Providing children in remote areas of India with access to quality education

ICEF’s donation will support two education centres for an entire year, benefiting up to 40 village children

In the tribal villages of Rajasthan access to education is limited. This is largely due to three main factors: lack of facilities, domestic responsibilities and economic pressure. As a result, many village children do not go to school and therefore do not possess even the basic numeric & literacy skills needed to cope with the challenges of contemporary life.

One third of village children aged 6 - 14 years old in Rajasthan do not attend school. Although in recent times the number of schools in the region has increased, teachers are frequently absent, teaching methods questionable, and materials and resources hard to come by - all resulting in poor education.

To combat this problem, the Indian non-profit organisation Seva Mandir, has established education centres in 583 villages in Rajasthan. These centres operate in rooms donated or rented out by villagers. Children are then taught by young men and women from the village, which have been trained by Seva Mandir and possess the skills needed to teach young minds. At these centres, children receive basic numeric & literacy instruction, as well as learn good habits, participate in creative activities and also benefit from excursions to the city, zoo and library.

Currently Seva Mandir is looking to expand the number of education centres in Rajasthan, giving more children the chance to broaden their horizons, increase their future prospects and have a rewarding classroom experience.

For 40 years Seva Mandir has worked with rural, predominantly tribal communities in the Udaipur district of Southern Rajasthan. Seva Mandir’s work focusses on bringing together fragmented communities through a wide range of initiatives across diverse sectors, addressing both people’s immediate development needs and empowering them to create a better future for themselves, their families and the community in general.

Seva Mandir aims to enable children to read and write independently, provide marginalised tribal communities with a meaningful educational experience, generate community demand for quality education, and ultimately teach young people to become responsible citizens and a catalyst for change. ICEF has contributed US$1,560.00 to this project.

Education is extremely important for the future of tribal villages and the well-being of rural communities. Join ICEF in supporting this important project and educate children in rural India.

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